An Application for Membership to AISP must be accompanied by:

Scanned and emailed copy of current investigator licences held under the relevant legislation in the country or state of operation.

Scanned and emailed copy of current drivers licence.

Joining and Membership fees by way of a cheque or EFT payable to the “Association of Investigators and Security Professionals”.

Membership payments:

Membership fees are due in full on 1 July each year.

An invoice will be forwarded advising of amount and banking details.

It is requested that all questions be answered in full and the form be "checked" by the applicant on each page.

The Committee agreed to impose a charge of $100.00 to new
memberships that require processing within 48 hours.

Payments are to be remitted to:

The President, AISP
P O Box 85
Mitcham  VIC  3132

DX 13211 Mitcham

Membership Fees:

Joining Fee: $60.00
Annual Fee $200.00 (1 July to 30 June)
Total: $260.00                                     .

The pro-rata membership rate per month is $16.67.

A $10.00 charge applies for members who require replacement copies of membership certificates.  An invoice will be sent and payment will be required in advance.

Member certificates remain the property of the AISP and are to be surrendered upon cessation of membership.

* Required

Contact Details



AISP Membership Directory & Web Site Entry

The Association no longer prints a Directory, however the services offered by the AISP members are shown on our website. Its objective is to promote the services of listed members to members of the public , other “ AISP ” members and potential contractors. This web site ( is updated regularly. It is the responsibility of members to ensure their listed details are correct. Licence holders must ensure their listed details are equivalent to those lodged with Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD) of Victoria Police or relevant licensing authority. The signed release form below indicates the member’s consent to inclusion in the AISP web site.


Security Consultant
Security Guard
Body Guard

Commercial Agent
Commercial Sub Agent
Crowd Controller
Process Server
OHS Consultant
Accredited Mediator

Specialist Services refers to those activities not normally implied by the licences held

VC = VIC - Central / CBD
VE = VIC - East
VN = VIC - North
VW = VIC - West
VST = VIC - Statewide

Licence Holders

The particulars shown are true and correct, and are as currently lodged with LRD or relevant licensing authority.


Licence Details

IN = Investigator
SG = Security Guard
SF = Security Firm
CA = Commercial Agent
CC = Crowd Controller
PS =Process Server
SC = Security Consultant
BG = Body Guard
Internal Corporate Investigator


By filling in my full name and today's date below, my full consent is hereby given to this Association to investigate and inquire into my character and reputation for the purpose of ascertaining my fitness and suitability for membership. The Association is hereby released from any and all liability or claims for any injuries, actual or implied, which might emanate from the said investigation.

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