The Continuing Professional Development Program (CPDP) is a requirement of the Licensing and Regulation Division of Victoria Police.





Attendance at Professional Association meeting


Attendance at CPD training session


Completion of relevant tertiary qualification


Completion of relevant training with a recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO)


Contribution at AISP Committee Meetings


Contribution at industry advisory meeting


Creation of CPD training activity


Industry relevant published article

Provide CPD training

Significant contribution as AISP executive





The Association of Investigators and Security Professionals (AISP) is committed to the continuing professional development (CPD) of members to ensure the highest professional standards are maintained. This document describes the Continuing Professional Development Program (CPDP) of the Association.

The CPDP is created for the benefit of members and as a process for members to improve professional standards and comply with the requirements of the regulator.

Individual members remain responsible to ensure they comply with the CPD compliance requirements of the regulator.

The regulator (Victoria Police - Licensing & Regulation Division) requires that the security business Nominated Officer meet annual competency requirements.

The Nominated Officer is required to provide the regulator with proof of completion of the required qualifications and membership of an Approved Industry Organisation (AISP).

The regulator has indicated in the past they may require proof that the Nominated Officer has completed 12 points over the preceding 12 month period. The AISP Committee therefore recommends that members complete 12 CPD points each membership year.

The CPDP will be structured to provide members with the capacity to gain 12 points of CPD each year, with the completion date being 30 June each year.

It is a condition of participation in the AISP CPDP that the member accepts full responsibility for meeting the CPD compliance requirements and, if required, provide evidence to the regulator that the required 12 CPD points have been achieved over the relevant period.

It is a condition of participation in the AISP CPDP that the member releases from responsibility and indemnifies the AISP and the AISP Committee from any liabilities or losses arising if, for any reason, including mistakes or any action by AISP, the regulator finds that the member has not fulfilled the CPD requirements.

lf the Committee decides a member has or may adversely impact the integrity of the AISP CPD Program or put the AISP accreditation with the regulator at risk, the Committee may chose to withdraw the member's entitlement to participate in the AISP CPDP. A member has the right to appeal such a decision.